We love creating the perfect enviornment to get creative…

The mission of Charity Wings’ Gather is to raise awareness that creativity is vital to our health and wellness.  Gather introduces opportunities for people to explore and expand their creativity through in-person and online events, allowing them to experience the healing benefits of craft and community.

So, wont you join us for some healthy Vitamin Cs
Creativity, Craft & Community!

Why Vitamin Cs? We believe that creativity is part of the foundation of our mental and physical well being. It crosses all boundaries such as age, gender, ability, nationality and race. The act of creating makes healthier humans and has been proven to help keep the mind sharp.

As a part of our health and wellness, it is important to get those Vitamin Cs; Craft, Creativity and Community.  We really hope to see you at one of our local or online events to get a dose of all the good stuff!