Our Art Venture Starter Package Includes:

  • 3 classes of your choosing
  • Downloadable supply list to source your own supplies
  • Entry in our amazing giveaways
  • 10  hours of Vitamin Cs - Craft. Creativity & Community via our live stream classes.
  • Beautiful postcard confirmation of  your order mailed before Christmas. Perfect if you're gifting these classes!


Learn About Each Class, & Meet Our Fabulous Teachers!

"Rusty Alarm Clock" - Altered Metal Frame with Anna Dabrowska
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"Midnight Stories"- Altered Book Cover with Anna Dabrowska
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Watercolor Florals with Alisa Burke
[pbe_section global_module=”1508″]
Broken Angel Mixed Media Canvas With Jaya Raghuvanshi
[pbe_section global_module=”1489″]
Album Cover Asian Inspired Tiles With Katja MezzaNotte
[pbe_section global_module=”1487″]
The Painted Purse With Chelsea Evans
[pbe_section global_module=”1501″]
Capri Suitcase Mini Album With Frank Garcia
[pbe_section global_module=”1495″]
Dreamy Watercolor Portraits With Danita Art
[pbe_section global_module=”1497″]
Mechanicals –FUNky Junque necklaces With Jen Cushman
[pbe_section global_module=”1491″]
Boho Victorian Floral Mirror With Mark Montano
[pbe_section global_module=”1499″]
Create Your Life Apron with Melody Ross
[pbe_section global_module=”1493″]
Classic CeCe Techniques With CeCe Hunt
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International Art Venture Starter Package –
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