No refunds will be given, however, the event is fully transferable up 24 hours prior to the event free of charge. To transfer your event to another participant, please send an email with the subject line “transfer my event” to info@charitywings.org with the first and last name, email address and shipping address of the new participant. If kits have not already been shipped, we will gladly ship the kits and goodie bag, if qualified, to the new participant as soon as all payments are completed.

Kits and goodie bags will be shipped after all balances due are paid. Shipping times may vary. Due to the pandemic, it is taking longer than normal for packages to arrive. Please keep this in mind when planning to make payments. We recommend at least two weeks for shipping so the kits arrive before the live event. Tracking numbers will be provided upon request.

Payments can be made in four installments and are processed through PayPal. Multiple payments can be made at the same time to pay off the balance earlier. Kits and goodie bags will be shipped when all balances are paid. If you are one of the first 250 to register, you are guaranteed a goodie bag as long as your balance due is paid by Jan 22, 2021. Otherwise goodie bags will be shipped only if available.