We rebranded as Gather right before the pandemic. Yes, impeccable timing. 🙂 Gather is launching a new program called ArtForward. A curatorial online gallery and eventual mentorship program for regional artists who work in similar themes, styles, share cultural traditions and/or are mission-driven. Funds will support the artists and the chosen nonprofit for that series.  Our first series is being curated right now and will benefit The Surfrider Foundation and their ocean conservation efforts.


ArtForward is Gather’s new program to elevate emerging visual artists through a pay it forward model. Through the ArtForward program, Artists will be commissioned to create NEW works of art based on a theme. These works will be exhibited through the Gather Showcase (online and/or in physical venues) and the originals and prints will be sold. The money generated will be used to fund the next series with a portion being donated to the partnering nonprofit. In essence paying it forward!


If you would like to support this growing movement and receive digital downloads and/or prints of the artwork that is curated, please consider becoming a member.