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Kate Joiner


From the Artist:

"Using a contemporary approach to Coastal Landscapes, I chose to electrify this vantage point of La Jolla Cove with vibrant glowing colors, morphing memories of the past into what we will leave for future generations. "

La Jolla Cove, "The Cove" is protected as part of a marine reserve and at very low tides, a lot of interesting tide pools are revealed. Protected by the California Coastal Commission and City of La Jolla as they work with park rangers, lifeguards, and policemen to ensure respect for the wildlife while permitting full use of the beaches. In addition, the Surfrider San Diego has partnered with the Environmental Center of San Diego to advocate for and support the restoration of the historic Princess Street Coastal Access Trail in La Jolla, San Diego.  (this painting depicts the view in close to the trail) Once completed, the trail will restore public access to a stretch of the shoreline isolated by development over the years.

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Kate Joiner

Native Californian artist Kate Joiner uses instinctive loose brushwork and color palette as a representation of her surroundings. She received her BFA in Multi Media from San Diego State University. Her work has been shown at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park and The Oceanside Museum of Art.

“As a painter and multimedia artist, I often explore how the human persona connects with our California landscape, considering its development and destruction along the way. I am equally happy working on small works or large-scale as long as a message and intrigue can be conveyed within each one.”

Instagram : @Sunny_Creek_Studios www.sunnycreekstudios.com

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