A percentage of the funds raised on this print will be donated to the Oceanside Homeless Resource, as well as  funding a new series of  commissioned prints from other emerging artist. The main purpose of this program is to support new and emerging artists in a unique way: they are paid for their work, they get great exposure, and their work helps fundraise for amazing nonprofits that support our health, our communities and our planet!

Gather Showcase: Krista Timberlake – Finding Peace


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Krista Timberlake

Krista Timberlake is an artist, illustrator & graphic designer originally from Western Massachusetts. She attended UVM for premed & The Savannah College of Art & Design before earning her BFA in painting from UMASS, Amherst. Bicycling for over 30 years has created a love, lifestyle and addiction that have contributed many ideas and themes to her art. As an avid cyclist, yogini, hiker, weightlifter, fitness enthusiast & former premed student, she has a great appreciation for the body (whether human or animal) as a machine. Artistically, she has always found beauty in well-crafted machinery, and likes melding mechanical elements with living things. In creating mechanical & more naturalistic pieces, she is intrigued by line, texture, energy and color, and is most drawn to using watercolor as it is so unpredictable. She finds that the most interesting things happen in her work when “mistakes” occur- unplanned reactions that will never be able to be duplicated. She also has a great appreciation for humor & enjoys incorporating whimsical elements into much of her work. Krista currently lives in Vista, works as the lead Entertainment Designer at The Upper Deck Company, & freelances as a graphic designer and illustrator. She spends most of her free time riding bicycles, creating art & doing yoga. Her extensive art background includes works on murals & other public art, personal & pet portraits, logo design, book illustration, greeting card design and more.

She welcomes commissions of all sizes and subjects.

facebook.com: KTimberlakeArtist
instagram.com: @artsykt

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